Leasing tailored to your requirements.

Financial leasing has become the most popular product since BMW cars began to be sold in Slovakia. We, BMW Financial Services, have raised this financial solution to a new level of sophistication.

First, you enjoy the convenience of a fast, comprehensive service and forget the problems behind the wheel. Our qualified staff will provide complete vehicle registration and insurance related steps.

Secondly, you will gain the benefits of our competitive rates and flexible initial payments to create a leasing plan that is perfectly suited to your budget.

At the end of leasing, you will become the owner of the BMW vehicle. This allows you to use the car as an initial installment on your next BMW and enjoy driving a new model every three to four years.

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Your benefits.

Leasing is the financial solution that best fits your needs. Acquiring your new BMW with BMW Leasing is a convenient, fast and flexible process.

But this is not the last advantage - we offer you more:

you will save time and energy thanks to the quick handling of the leasing contract and our comprehensive car insurance service.

from the various combinations of contract length and initial installment, you choose the one that best suits your needs.

our competitive leasing rates allow you to keep your monthly payments at the lowest possible level..

at the end of the lease contract, you will become the vehicle owner.

you can rely on a stable background of a strong, international company.

we will help you obtain attractive insurance conditions for accident insurance and third party liability insurance.

you can arrange BMW Financial Leasing with any authorized BMW partner in Slovakia.

How BMW leasing works.

Simply get behind the wheel and enjoy the driving pleasure.

At the beginning:

  1. You choose the desired BMW car.
  2. You choose the duration of the lease.
  3. You sign a contract and prepare the payment of the initial instalment.
  4. Pick up your BMW.

For the duration of the leasing contract:

  1. BMW Financial Services will keep you informed about the services and products you can benefit from.
  2. If necessary, we will help you modify your contract (e.g. its duration, mileage) to meet your current driving needs.

Towards the end of the leasing contract:

  1. We will guide you through the lease termination process and let you know what you need to do.
  2. At the end of leasing you will become the owner of the BMW vehicle.

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